300 days right of return

Security guarantee conditions

Warranty terms

The safety guarantee applies to all the products you buy in the order where the safety guarantee is selected.

Safety guarantee, runs for 1 year, based on the product's delivery date according to the order and covers external damage (including accidents) from the date of shipment.

What does the security guarantee cover?

Normal costs for repairs due to mechanical and/or electrical accidents that render the product unusable.

Normal repair costs due to the lack of equipment. damage from unforeseen causes that renders the product unusable.

Product damage due to wear and tear (see exceptions, however).

There is no depreciation on Security Guarantee.

0 kr. excess on the Safety Guarantee

Basis for compensation:

A product may be considered as total damage if the cost of repair is considered to exceed the value of a new technically equivalent product or if the repair is not worthwhile.

Products that are declared completely damaged will be replaced with a new or refurbished product equivalent to the original. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the product will be replaced by the same model, colour or brand, as the product may have been discontinued or replaced by another model on the market, which is cheaper but still technically equivalent. However, the value of the new product may not exceed the original purchase price indicated on the purchase invoice. No cash compensation is paid.

The Safety Guarantee does not cover:

Damages covered by a 2-year warranty (cf. Section 83 of the Danish Law of Purchases).

Damage caused by battery leakage.

Consequential damages such as lost software, files or the like.

Damage or fault caused intentionally.

Damage caused by poor use, inadequate maintenance, misoperation or misinstallation of the product or improper use of detergents on product.

Damage to the product caused by irresponsible packaging/storage during transport and shipment of the product back.

Product damage (such as scratches, scratches, dents and cracks),if not impair the usability of the equipment.

Damage to the product attributable to unauthorized interference with the equipment.
Theft and/or consequential damage caused by theft or loss of the product.

Damage caused by fire or consequential damage caused by fire.

Please note that an investigation fee may be imposed if no defect can be found on the product.

In the case of damage, the product must be presented for damage assessment. If the product cannot be presented, the warranty does not cover.

If there is an injury:

Damage shall be notified as soon as possible and no later than 2 months after it has been established, to Mackabler.dk On [email protected]

When reporting damage due to external events, the guarantor shall inform the event to Mackabler.dk

In case of compensation after total damage, the warranty ends and cannot be transferred to the new product. The prize is considered fully used and a new Safety Guarantee can be purchased for the replaced new product.

Special provisions:

The warranty shall be limited or void the rights of the guarantor if the guarantor takes:

Fraudulently stated, concealed or concealed anything of significance for the assessment of the case.

Overrides its obligations, as described in these warranty terms.

Has shown gross negligence.

The guarantee shall not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from environmental pollution, natural disasters, nuclear accidents or war, war-like events, civil war, revolution, rebellion, or action by those in power who have unently taken power, or destruction by intervention by an authority.

When drawing up this guarantee, the guarantor has a right of withdrawal of 14 days.


The guarantee may be terminated in writing by each party with 30 days' notice until 1 January 2017. for a month. Upon termination of the guarantee, coverage will cease at the same time as the agreement expires. 

Safety guarantee does not at any time limit the applicable rules of the Danish Purchase Act.