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iPhone X / 10 accessories, adapters, cables and chargers

iPhone X / 10 accessories, adapters, cables and chargers

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iPhone X comes with a nice big 5.8 OLED screen that's going to go all the way to the edge on all sides, it means the screen is going to go around the speaker on top of the phone and therefore not be traditionally square like any other screen.  iPhone X is the official name, but is also...
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iPhone X / 10 accessories, adapters, cables and chargers

iPhone X comes with a nice big 5.8 OLED screen that's going to go all the way to the edge on all sides, it means the screen is going to go around the speaker on top of the phone and therefore not be traditionally square like any other screen. 

iPhone X is the official name, but is also called the iPhone 10, iPhone edition. iPhone anniversary edition.

the iPhone is also missing the home button for the first time, where the button becomes some kind of software button on the screen, in turn you can use the entire smartphone when you film yourself and the home button is only promoted when you need it.

iPhone X comes out in November, but we already have a lot of accessories for it, so you don't have to be missing from day one.

iPhone X

At last, the iPhone X is on the streets! It is published in the 10th century. The anniversary year of the release of the first iPhone and the X must therefore be understood as the Roman figure symbol for the 10th century. But dear child has many names, so whether you call it X or 10, we have here at Mackabler the accessory for it.

X-3mt strong phone

Earlier this year, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+ were released, both of which contributed some technical updates compared to their predecessors. Especially the camera and the updated Retina screen were worth noting.

Although the iPhone X has only been on the street for a few days at the moment, it has already been touted as the best iPhone to date. Apple CEO Tim Cook has also said that the iPhone X is the biggest step forward for phones since the first iPhone came out 10 years ago. When you take a closer look at the latest shot on the iPhone family tree, it's also to understand why the X gets so many good words along the way.

The first thing you notice is the screen, which has rounded edges and fills the entire front of the phone. The display is OLED, which is the first time it is used in an iPhone, which is also called Super Retina, measures 5.8" and has a resolution of 2,436 x 1,125 pixels and offers a contrast ratio of a staggering 1,000,000:1.

In addition, the used True Tone technology, which is an automatic adjustment of the white balance in your display so that it constantly matches your surroundings. A technology that is also used in the iPhone 8 and 8+ and in the 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

You can navigate your phone using an intuitive system that means, for example, that you can get back to your home screen with a single swipe no matter where you are on your phone. If you swipe up and hold your finger on the screen, bring out your open apps. You swipe down, the control center comes out. This allows you to adjust and adjust to your needs. Siri is activated by holding the side button and if you want to secure payments through ApplePay, then double-click the side button.

There is no visible home button on the screen and you have the option to unlock your phone via facial recognition. In addition, the display is water and dust resistant.

Top quality images

The rear camera in the iPhone X has dual-lens with 12 megapixels with dual optical image stabilizer, which consists of a wide angle f/1.8 lens and an f/2.4 telephoto lens. The front camera consists of 7 megapixels and has both image stabilizer and exposure control. Both camaras make use of the new natural lighting effect, which is also being used in the iPhone 8. Last but not least, the video quality has also got a boost and you get 4K resolution with 60fps and slow-motion with 240fps.

Of leading magazines that specialize in camara rating, the iPhone X scores top marks time and time again. Although the iPhone 8 and 8+ had also received a boost in terms of the quality of their camarars, it is especially the telephoto lens that the iPhone X is equipped with that pulls up the character.

A11 Bionic Chip

As in the new iPhone 8, the iPhone x also sits on an A11 Bionic Chip. It is 70% stronger and more efficient than the previous A10, which was used in the iPhone 7. Already in the phone, the chip was langt faster than all other android phones, so now that the A11 is so much stronger than its predecessor, then there's no doubt that it's a top-performing phone you get to do with once you've acquired an iPhone X.

To compare, there's so much power and efficiency in the A11 chip that it works as fast and powerfully as a Macbook Pro. So you are dealing with a smartphone that can easily run applications that have embraced the Augmentet Reality technology. In the iPhone X, a really strong processor with an absolutely fantastic insert is combined and you get a whole new experience of what it means to have a smartphone.

The A11 Bionic chip is also well supported by a newly developed 6 core GPU, which is 30% stronger than its predecessor. 3 of the cores are fast and 3 of them are energy efficient. This combination therefore provides an upgrade to the phone, which means that it is now the fastest model on the market.


In the previous iPhone 7, Apple made use of a 2,900 mAh battery which is not that far from the 2,716 mAh battery used in the iPhone X. The big difference, however, is that the iPhone X has embraced Qi technology, which means that wireless charging is supported. Therefore, you can use Qi compatible chargers to charge your iPhone X. This technology is possible to use because the iPhone X has both the front and back of glass, which is enclosed by a stainless steel band.

Apple, however, is set to expand wireless technology. As it stands now, it now needs to position your Qi device exactly for it to charge, but Apple has set out that in 2018 they will launch their AirPower mat, which can charge both your iPhone, iWatch and wireless AirPods on the same mat , regardless of how they are located.


Apple has developed a lot of technology for their iPhone X. In the small field, at the top of the screen you thus have an infrared camera, infrared lighting, distance sensor, sensor for ambient light, speaker, microphone, 7MP camera and point projects. An incredible amount of technology in a very small area.

In this new technology, too, truedepth is the feature, which does not only provide absolutely amazing images, but also makes FaceID possible. So you can lock your phone around by looking at it. It works that when you look at your phone, your face will be illuminated by an infrared light that recognizes the contours and shape of your face using as many as 30,000 projection points. The projections are invisible and therefore it is not a facial scan as you see on movies you might expect. According to Apple's software chief Craig Federighi, facial recognition will also work despite sunglasses. Given that these sunglasses do not filter out too many infrared rays.

As a precaution, facial recognition can only be used when you give your iPhone X full attention. With that, it means that you need to look directly at the phone with open eyes in order to make use of FaceID. Therefore, you will also be able to use the technology to display messages on your display or keep the screen on while reading documents from your smartphone.

Today's apps that make use of TouchID will also seamlessly allow you to use FaceID without the same startup problems you had with TouchID.

So what can we offer?

Here at Mackabler we have a great selection of accessories for your iPhone X, which allows you to make the most of it and really enjoy all the features it comes with.

Virtual reality

Virtual Reality technology is evolving rapidly, and with a phone that can handle heavy tasks, you can join the front wave of applications that use virtual reality.

Now that Apple has created a phone where the display is among the best looking and moste to reality, and having combined it with an extremely powerful power machine of an A11 bionic chip, it is very much set up to have the wild virtual reality experiences. We have different VR glasses that give you the opportunity to explore a whole new reality. On with the glasses and step into a new universe.

Power bank

The battery in the iPhone X has been given a boost, but it's still really hard to run out of power. And somehow, it always happens at the most inconvenient times. By acquiring a power bank, you're over that problem. With the power banks we have here at Mackabler, you can have up to two extra charges in your back pocket.

When buying a power bank it is necessary to be aware that there is usually a loss in relation to the amount of energy indicated on the power bank itself. Here at Mackabler we care that this loss is as close to the minimum possible, so you get a product that lives up to what you expect.

Wireless chargers

Now that you have the opportunity to use wireless charging, it's a shame not to use it. In order to use it, you will need a powermat, which we here at Mackabler also sells.

They come in different designs and designs, so you can choose the one you liked best. Depending on whether you're into your phone standing up or lying flat on the table, we've got the chargers you need. It is a technology that is very convenient in a busy everyday life where wireless solutions help in the efficiency of everyday life.


Once you've bought a nice phone, it's also nice to be able to keep it as nice as when you bought it. Although the glass that sits on your iPhone X is equipped with a layer that is repellent to fat stains, they are not kept completely away. You can therefore usefully obtain a cleaning kit for your iPhone. These kits contain both cleaning fluid and a small cloth tto keep your monitor fat-free.

Should the accident be out and your screen breaks, we also sell repair kits that you can use to even replace the screen in your iPhone X. To change the screen, calm hands and a little bit of know-how are required. But with the tools we sell here, you certainly have the equipment in order to perform such a task.

Covers/protective glass

With a new phone, it is always a good idea to take precautions if you want to avoid it breaking. This can be done by investing in a good cover for your iPhone X. Here at Mackabler we waited until the phone had come on the market before buying the covers home, so we were sure that they were based on just the right targets and not based on as yet unconfirmed rumors about the phone's appearance. The covers you get from us are therefore perfectly suited to your iPhone X.

We also sell protective glass so your screen doesn't break and protective glass so your screen isn't susceptible to scratches and scratches. With the right combination of protection, your phone looks new for much longer than if you don't protect it.

Camera accessories

Since the new iPhone X has the market-leading camera, it would be foolish not to exploit it. Here at Mackabler we sell various accessories for the hobby photographer.

We have a selection of tripods so you can get great pictures without tremors or even jump into the nature photography using self-timer. It's a really good opportunity to have when you'd like to capture a special moment on your trip. With a tripod, your iPhone is stable and secure on a flat surface, so you can get just the right shot in the box.

The perpetual selfie stick is also almost a matter of course if you want to be able to take good group photos, or want to perpetuate your holiday. Although at the beginning of the selfie stick era, people who made use of them looked a little askew, it is now a completely accepted component of the cityscape. in cities or among tourists at special landmarks.

Covers come along the way, we don't order until the smartphone is out, there are many others who do, but we always think these designs which are based on rumors sit super bad and therefore don't protect properly, so even wait a few weeks to get something that's made to the right iPhone.

The cables, connectors and chargers are the same for the new iPhone as the old one, we don't expect the new iPhone to get a new plug or charger because nothing has been shown about it, but it gets wireless charging we expect , we'll have to wait for this to find out what standard Apple is going to use, they'll probably take the iq standart that exists now and make it a little bit if it better fits them, there's very little security in any of the current charging standards so it will apple completely surely like to do better.