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iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro

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In this category, you'll find all our accessories for the new, cool iPhone 11 Pro, all of which are designed to make your iPhone experience significantly better. Accessories for one's iPhone come in many different shapes and no matter what you're missing, there's definitely something on the page....
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iPhone 11 Pro

In this category, you'll find all our accessories for the new, cool iPhone 11 Pro, all of which are designed to make your iPhone experience significantly better. Accessories for one's iPhone come in many different shapes and no matter what you're missing, there's definitely something on the page.

When it comes to iPhone accessories, of course, it's important to keep a handle on charger and cables first and foremost. Then there are different kinds of adapters that can make life easier, as well as powerbanks, protection, wireless charging, sound, automotive equipment and more.

A charger for the iPhone is one of the most important pieces of equipment, otherwise it's hard to get power on your iPhone again. They are available in different kinds of different quality, depending on the context in which it is to be used, as there is a big difference between the need for work and at home in the living room.

You can get very durable chargers for iPhone that can be easily carried with at work or the family trip without breaking. In the same way, you can also get specialized chargers, e.g. with multi charging, so you can charge many iPhones simultaneously, which is pretty cool.

In addition, you need a good cable for one's iPhone charger, as they rarely come equipped with such a pre-order. Here quality is a really great player, as we all know the cables that break for a good word, where it is possible to get everything from the cheap to the expensive, strong cables.

If you are going to be able to charge at work with peace of mind, then a cable in woven nylon or woven metal is definitely a good bet. However, there are several different variations of this kind, and it may also be that you are just missing a regular cable for normal use.

Many iPhone cables also come with other features where they can act as an adapter for iPhone that allows you to connect to different kinds of devices. If you'd like to connect to your new Mac, you might need a USB-C adapter, for example. or just to a monitor.

In general, there are many different devices you may have interest in connecting to with one's iPhone, and so it is convenient to have the right adapter at your fingertips, so it is possible to do when you like, instead of having to fumble with cumbersome solutions in the situation.

In addition to the common ways to charge, using a powerbank for iPhone is also a powerful option, especially if you're going on a trip. A powerbank allows you to charge your iPhone anywhere, anytime, as long as the power bank itself is charged.

You can get powerbanks for iPhone in different capacities, where there are very powerful powerbanks that can handle charges for as much as a week or more, while you can also get slightly cheaper powerbanks that might be able to handle a few extra days of charges like Backup.

Of course, when it comes to other ways of charging, Qi wireless charging should also be mentioned, as it allows you to wirelessly charge your iPhone by simply placing it on the charger while it's connected to a power outlet, and then charging your iPhone Automatically.

Qi wireless chargers are gradually becoming as efficient as wall chargers when it comes to charging iPhones, as there is a natural limit to how fast an iPhone battery can be charged. Thus, some of them are just as good when it comes to charging speed.

Of course, it is also important to have good protection for one's new iPhone, as it is very expensive to replace if it breaks. Here it is important to cover as many pages of one's iPhone as possible, so that you get the best possible protection against all kinds of damage.

The most obvious place to protect first is the screen of one's iPhone, as it is more vulnerable compared to the other sides and has a greater effect on usability if partially broken as the screen scratches. With protective glass or armoured glass, you can cover this pretty well.

In addition, it is obvious to get a cover for the iPhone as it provides good protectionto edges, sides and buttocks. That way can cover all the other pages as well as possible and sometimes even improve the protection of one's screen, so the chance of damage is even less.

You can get different kinds of covers that provide a varying degree of protection depending on material and coverage. Of course, there is also a design factor many take with it when it comes to covers, as the full protection also covers the complete design of one's iPhone.

If you want to hear music or otherwise listen to audio on your iPhone, it's often cool to have something that specializes in sound a little more. For example, it may be a For example, earphones that allow you to play loud music without anyone else being able to hear it, or speakers so others can hear it even better.

If you're going to play up to a party, it's obvious to have the speakers for the iPhone, as it means you have all your sound needs covered that way. Headsets are also super convenient to have, especially for sports or the like, depending on what kind you choose to acquire on this page.

When it comes to extra equipment, an often used area is also equipment for the car, as your life becomes somewhat easier on the go if you have the opportunity to use extra equipment in it. It can be chargers, holders, headsets or anything else that makes your iPhone easier to use in the car.

The fact that you can charge on the go means that you are not dependent on power outlet charging to the same degree, which is useful if you are driving a lot. The same can be said of an iPhone holder that enables you to use your iPhone as a player or GPS, as it's easy to see from the side.

All these things and more are on this page, and there is a great degree of variation even within the individual subcategories. So it may be beneficial to narrow down a little by what you're looking for, otherwise it can quickly become incalculable to find what you're looking for on this page.