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Are you a blogger, webmaster or do you have a website?

We appreciate bloggers, webmaster and people who just have websites within the mac world in Denmark, it's you who guide people through the early years where it's hard to switch to a new operating system and it's also you who come up with new cool features that make it even easier and better to be a Mac or iPhone user. We all read along on many Danish pages and blogs on the subject. 

We work with many bloggers, forums and various other sites to test products, contests, etc. and we would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or have any questions.

We never require anything from the blogger and website owner you must always write exactly what you want whether it is good or bad, it helps us both ways, if we are lucky we get corrected a product so we can find better quality in the future. 

Contact anders here: [email protected]

You'll need to send along so we know about what your page is about and how we're going to relate to you.

  • Main topic and link to your page, facebook page, instagram account or whatever it's about.
  • About how many visitors you have per month. Or the number of followers.
  • How long have you been going?

We respond as quickly as we can, but you'll probably count on up to a few days answer time.

We usually say yes, but it happens that the page is too new or small for it to be interesting to us.

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