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iPhone 8 plus

iPhone 8 plus

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There's usually a good prelude to when Apple puts a new product on the market. Many come with qualified bids based on rumors and small appetizers that Apple itself has published. Some of the guesses meant both that one should get the edge to edge screen, that there would be the possibility of...
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iPhone 8 plus

There's usually a good prelude to when Apple puts a new product on the market. Many come with qualified bids based on rumors and small appetizers that Apple itself has published. Some of the guesses meant both that one should get the edge to edge screen, that there would be the possibility of wireless charging and that the entire phone would have to be crafted in glass.

After a long wait and much speculation, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus were finally launched. Design-wise, they are closely a part of previous generations of iPhones. So no edge to edge has yet arrived, but wireless charging has become a reality. The design that we know from the previous iPhones is retained. So you have an aluminum frame, with display made of glass and the minimalist features are maintained in the best Apple spirit.  The Lightning plug is hold, the home button is still where it cares and you have the familiar buttons on the side of your iPhone 8 plus.

An iPhone 8 plus is slightly larger than an iPhone 8, but in return, the camera in the iPhone plus has gotten a big upgrade compared to the slightly smaller iPhone 8.

Technical improvements

Where the iPhone 8 plus differs from the previous iPhones, design-wise, with the fronts are made of glass. Those who had an iPhone 4, where this design was last seen, can probably remember how little it took for the screen to suddenly be in 1000 pieces. Apple has written behind the ear and has therefore optimized the glass they use. The glass has been hardened, so it is much more resistant than its predecessor.

So with the launch of the iPhone 8 plus, Apple has got the strongest glass in a smartphone ever. This is to protect you from bad luck and that we are in a situation again where a smashed screen is more often the rule than the exception, as was the case with the iPhone 4.

The reason Apple has chosen to use front and back glass on their iPhone 8 plus is so you can use the wireless charging. This technology has not been possible unless you bought a special cover for your smartphone. Because the iPhone 8 plus makes use of glass, you can put your phone on the charger and it will then charge without you having to have a wire connected.

The Retina screen has also gotten an upgrade from the iPhone 7. Now the screen has a much wider color spectrum and they've made use of True Tone technology, which adjusts the white balance of your phone, to match your surroundings. You get a much better and clearer on-screen experience.

But it's not just the exterior of the iPhone 8 plus that's got an update. Apple has updated their A10 chip to an A11 Bionic chip, which is 70% stronger and more efficient than its predecessor A10. In the iPhone 7, one made use of the A10 and this chip was already much stronger and faster than all Android phones. So with an improvement of 70%, the iPhone 8 plus is actually just as fast as a Macbook Pro.

For example, your iPhone is strong enough to make applications and games where Augmented Reality is part of it.

The A11 Bionic chip used in the iPhone 8 plus is supported by a 6 core GPU. 3 of the cores provide good speed and 3 of them are highly energy efficient. Overall, the whole 30% stronger than the previous model. That's why, with this phone in hand, you have to deal with the fastest smartphone available.

One thing that has also been on the guessing list of features that needed an update was the camera. The iPhone 8 has stuck to the 12MP rear camera. But in the iPhone 8 plus, Apple has introduced dual lense. So you get a combination of a 12 MP f 1/8 lens and a telephoto f 2/8 lens. This is different in that with the iPhone 8 plus, you achieve images that are better in poorly lit environments and that there are also more features to play with compared to the standard iPhone 8.

In a test carried out by dxomark.com, which performs the best and most comprehensive tests of cameras in the world, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 score plus the best characters and are therefore ranked 1 and 2 on their list of mobile cameras. So Apple has learned its lesson when their iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus ended up on the 6th. and 8th last year.

However, there is little to optimize

Much has been upgraded and the phone undoubtedly works better and faster than its predecessors. Despite that, there are still some places where you can easily find solutions that make using your iPhone 8 plus easier.


A recurring problem with Apple choosing to use lightning connectors is that it's not what all other manufacturers use. This causes problems repeatedly when connecting different devices to your iPhone 8 plus. For example, it is a problem when you need to use your regular headphones. They have a jack connector that cannot be connected directly to your phone. Fortunately, that problem is easy to solve.

With the new action in the form of a glass front and back, one might also fear that it will break easily. Even despite the fact that Apple has tried as far as possible to harden the glass, so it is much more robust than the material that has been used in the past.

Last but not least, the battery of an iPhone 8 plus doesn't last forever, so there are still some problems compared to running out over the course of a day if you use your phone a lot. Wireless charging has made it more convenient to charge your phone and eliminated the risk of falling into the cord. So even though the charging and battery have been upgraded, we're not quite in the business of having the best solution.

Solutions for your iPhone 8 Plus

In fact, it's not very difficult to deal with these petty issues with your iPhone 8 plus. Here at Mackabler we have all the equipment you can use to make your use of the iPhone 8 plus a bit easier. With us you will find many different covers, adaptors and power banks that help make your everyday life more hassle-free.


Because the iPhone 8 plus has a front and back in glass, it's always a good idea to give it some form of protection. In everyday life you have it many times, and even putting it on the table or taking it out of the bag helps to create a little wear and tear. So even minimal protection for your iPhone helps ensure it lasts longer.

There are many different solutions. Depending on whether you are into a completely minimal solution, where you do not change either the size or design or whether you want to go all in on protection, we certainly have a solution at Mackabler that suits you and your needs.

If you're into a completely minimal protection that just protects you from scratches and scratches, you can choose to protect your iPhone 8 plus with a protective glass. This is available for both the front and back. That way, you have a protection that doesn't make your iPhone feel bigger or more unhandy. So you get a solution that's really good at standing against everyday use and thus your iPhone looks newer for a long time. You might want to use the <a0></a0 supplement with a small iPhone bag that you can store your phone in when you are not using it. It keeps dust from your phone. A discreet solution like this is optimal if you care about the design of your phone and don't have a weekday where your phone is very exposed.

The next step in terms of protection is to buy a traditional cover. There is a great variety in covers, both when it comes to appearance and function. In the market there are covers that provide the necessary protection but there are also covers that protect in case you lose your phone. Design-wise, there is undoubtedly something for everyone. Then you have a life, on-the-go and use your phone many times over the course of a day, then this solution is right for you..

At the very heavy end, there are covers that provide 100% protection for your iPhone 8 plus. Close-fitting, shockproof and waterproof, you'll have a cover that protectsis your phone almost no matter what you expose it to completely without preventing general use of the phone. So even if you might drop it from a high spot, it drops into some water, your iPhone survives. A heavy duty cover keeps all water and dust out and is therefore an optimal solution if you work as a work environment, for example, or have an everyday life that means you spend a lot of time outside or in environments that could put your iPhone to the test. For this effective protection, of course, the cover takes up little more space than a traditional solution, but the size is to live with in terms of the effectiveness of protection.


Since there are no connectivity options other than the lightning connector in the iPhone 8 plus, it is necessary to acquire some adaptors.

The main adaptor is immediately a lightning to mini jack adaptor. Then you can use your regular headphones for your iPhone. With a lightning to mini jack adaptor you can also connect your iPhone 8 plus to any other system. Standard speakers and installations make use of AUX inputs and you will need a mini jack connector to play music your way through.

If you want your iPhone 8 plus to be connected to other devices, then it's also a good idea to have a lightning to micro USB. This port is used by most other manufacturers and you will therefore very likely need it a few times. You can still use your charging cable to connect your phone the standard USB connector.

The wireless battery update is undoubtedly a smart and innovative upgrade, but it assumes that your phone is on the charging plate. It's really handy when you can put your phone away and don't need it. For example, on the bedside table, so your iPhone lets while you sleep.

However, the practicality goes into it if you want to be able to use it while it is charging. To do so, you must leave through a cable. Since the cable that comes with your phone when you buy it is not very long, you will be a little limited pat this point. Fortunately, cables are produced in long lines, so you can buy a longer cable, giving you a little more freedom of movement to use your phone at the same time as it lets.

Power bank

In order to continue on the track of having power on your phone, a power bank is also a really practical acquisition. Within power banks there are many to choose from, both when it comes to design but also the effect can vary a lot. Usually there is a loss of about 20%, but the better quality you buy, the less the loss is.

Therefore, if you make sure to buy a good quality power bank, you can easily have up to two charges in a power bank. This is essential and necessary if you are going on a long trip where you don't just get to an outlet very often.

It may also be that you just have a long day on the go. Then it's also convenient with a power bank. Should you then run out of power during the day, you still have the option to recharge while you are out.

Extra equipment for your iPhone 8 Plus

When there's a smart product on the street, like an iPhone, there's obviously a whole lot of accessories that make life a little more fun or easier. If you care a lot about extra accessories or think it's fun to play with, there's definitely a lot to do.


Protecting your phone isn't just about enclosing it with a cover and taking care not to drop it. In fact, it is also about cleaning it up. Precisely because you use it every day, it is exposed to many bacteria, which it also picks up in its path and thus pass them on to you. Fortunately, there are many kits that make it easy to keep your iPhone 8 plus free from both greasy fingerprints and bacteria. These kits do not take up much space and are easy to store.


Whether you're just taking photos to keep your instagram going, or if you're more interested in photography like courses, there are some different gadgets that can help you.

The first gadget you might think of is the selfie stick. It is now a completely integrated part of the cityscape and the holidays. You do not have to walk many meters on the street in Copenhagen without having seen at least 8 selfie sticks. And it is not entirely without reason that they are used so diligently. They just make the group photo and the Eiffel Tower selfie just the better and you don't have to stand awkwardly with your arm or ask a stranger for help in getting the joint photo taken.

Another solution is to buy a tripod. Then you get stable conditions to set the self-timer in motion and get some cool pictures.


Even if the glass on an iPhone 8 plus should be tempered, you can still be unlucky and risk it breaking. Despite what many believe, it is actually possible to repair its broken screen itself. At Mackabler we sell the right tool to perform such a repair. Then it's up to you to find the right guide and have a little dexterity and then get the screen change done without having to pay for it somewhere else.

On the move

If you use your iPhone as GPS, then you will undoubtedly need a proper holder in the car. For purely safety reasons, it's a good idea to have your phone up and in sight throughout the trip, so you don't have to bring it out every time you need to turn or keep an eye on the route. A proper holder also ensures that your phone does not fall out and ends up at the bottom of the car.

If you move around the most by bike, you can actually also get a holder so you can put your phone to your bike. Then you always have the route in sight when you need to find your way around a new city or on your cycling holiday.

As you can probably see, so are many different solutions and extensions for your iPhone 8 plus. It's just looking around and finding the things that give you the best result.