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Not sure if you need thunderbolt or lightning? The plug guide is for you who are unsure of the difference between thunderbolt and lightning or something else entirely. Wrong plug again? Click through our guide and avoid it for the next order

Having trouble finding the right plug? Here's a guide to finding the right one, click through find either the connector using the design of your Mac or something else entirely.

Thunder? Lightening? But wasn't it also something about a Cloud? Apple is dealing with a new connector every now and then that can make it difficult to keep track of which cables to grab and which converters are good to have in its arsenal if you want to be able to collaborate with other products and devices. 

That's why we've created this little guide that you can click through and find out which connector it's now just sitting in your Apple product. When you click through the wizard, you will be presented with some questions about the Apple product you would like to buy equipment for, and you will then be led to the exact connector that is used in that product. 

Therefore, once you have replied, we will also provide you with links to the categories where you can purchase cables and accessories that use these connectors. The guide is intended as a tool for you, so you can quickly find the products you are missing and make it simple for you to avoid ordering the wrong items home.

The wizard is meant as a helping tool, as a google search doesn't always give you a clear answer as to which connector you need, as this also depends on the year in which your Apple product is produced and not just the name of it. Then click through the wizard to figure out which connector you need for your device.

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