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Product information
At mackabler.dk, the essential characteristics of the item, for further information or questions about existing information, an email may be sent to mackabler.dk via [email protected]

Mackabler.dk sells both original and non-original of most accessories, Magsafe chargers, iPhone/iPad cables, Dockstations, iPhone/iPad chargers and accessories, adapters and cables for these.

All prices are shown incl. vat, and delivery is displayed in the shopping cart. Prices of our products can change on an ongoing basis – however, the buyer will be billed the price that is valid at the time of ordering.
Mackabler does not have any subscriptions, we withdraw the money for the order when it is sent and you will be Not registered some subscription or something similar at the store when you buy.

Presentation of goods together with a price of mackabler.dk is not a binding offer, but simply an invitation to make offers. The buyer's order of goods from mackabler.dk does not constitute a binding acceptance, but rather a binding offer for mackabler.dk to purchase the goods on the terms indicated. A binding agreement between the buyer and mackabler.dk is concluded only when mackabler.dk accepts the offer made by the buyer by an order confirmation.

So we reserve that errors may have been written on the page. 
Of course, we only withdraw the money for the item once it has been shipped from us. Unless you use Paypal, where we don't have the opportunity.

The payment information you enter when purchasing goods is sent directly to our payment system in SSL (encrypted), We use Paypal, bitpay or Epay depending on which payment system you choose. This means that only you can read the entered payment information. Thus, no one else sees or stores the information about you. Paypal offers an extra guarantee by allowing you to withdraw your moneye within 14 days. Epay uses your payment card terms which also provide security. So there is insurance on all trades, including credit cards. 

The rest of the page, and everything you do on mackabler.dk is also encrypted via SSL, so only you and us can see what you are doing and the data you write into.
We have an encryption key from you for our CDN and another between our server and our CDN, so the connection is encrypted all the way.


The risk of accidental demise or deterioration
Only when the ordered goods have come into the buyer's possession does the risk of the ordered goods being destroyed or damaged by accidental circumstances pass to the buyer.

Mackabler is therefore responsible for the item until you have it in your hand.

On goods purchased from Mackabler.dk the Danish law applies with 2 years' warranty, in the case of less else written by the individual product. If the buyer wishes to use his warranty, please send the buyer back to mackableer with the purchase invoice. A new/repaired/similar product will be returned as soon as possible.

The item must be shipped as cheaply as possible with e.g. postnord, DAO which we send most know is somewhat more expensive than postnord. If the problem with the item cannot be recreated by reviewing the defective product, Mackabler.dk does not cover the cargo.

Disclaimer and warranty
Mackabler.dk has made it easy for you to get relevant information on other websites through links. These websites are beyond Mackabler.dk's control. We cannot therefore be held responsible in any way for the content of these pages.

Information about the ordered goods from such websites is not included in the description of the ordered goods in the agreement between the buyer and mackabler.dk, the goods thus meet the buyer's expectations if they correspond to mackabler.dk's own description.

The Seller shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss resulting from the late submission of the ordered goods buyer, or the ordered goods suffer from defects when the delay or defects are due to the buyer's act or omission or circumstances beyond the control of mackabler.dk, e.g. war, rebellion, riots, fire, state intervention, seizure, currency restrictions, labour disputes of any kind, including strikes and lockouts, or the like.
Mackabler.dk disclaims responsibility for new software or hardware updates that help cause errors to occur on the purchased product.

Unless it's for 30pin or Lightning cables and an iOS update, Here Mackabler replaces all cables with new ones that work.

Mackabler.dk uses DAO (delivery 1 day), PostNord, Danish or foreign letter delivery(1-2 days delivery in dk), it is clearly stated both on the individual products and in the shopping cart what mode of delivery we deliver for a particular item. All delivery modes that are available can be viewed and selected for most items. It is Post Nord you have to agree on certain delivery features with, e.g. "must be located in the carport;".

We ship your shipment with recycled packaging, sometimes, we do this to save on the new bubble envelopes, of recycled paper we use. Mackabler gets a lot of returns and most come back in bubble envelopes which can easily be used again, mackables also get a lot of envelopes from China, or other suppliers, these are also often reusable - to save on nature we send these again. 

So there is no question of re-use of the goods packaging, only the envelope of shipment. 

We ship all Apple products directly from Apple, usually sending by postNord, unless the order is very large.

Order sent with DAO is to private only, here hand the newspaper omrade your order very early in the morning, usually the package can go in the mailbox, it can not be hung it on your door, we have not experienced cheating with this. 
DAO can also send to packing box, these can be viewed and selected in the basket.

PostNord is sent to both private and businesspackages come out as normal packages.
PostNord can also send to the packing box, these can be viewed and selected in the basket.

Missing pick-up from packing box
If the collection of packages from a Postnord or DAO packing box does not take place within the specified 14 days, the package is returned to Mackabler.dk. As soon as the package is ready for collection, Postnord or DAO will send an email and, if possible, an SMS with relevant information about the pickup. 
If the collection is not carried out within the specified days, Mackabler.dk a return fee from Postnord or DAO will be charged to the customer who has ordered the order.

Delivery information error
If there are errors in delivery information, such as missing house no., floor no. att.m. the delivery supplier (e.g. Postnord, DAO, GLS) returns the shipment to Mackabler.dk. The buyer will then be contacted and re-invoiced for freight costs and any charges. penalty fee from the supplier, to resend the order to the corrected address. 


Right of withdrawal
Buyer informs mackabler.dk that the buyer has regretted his purchase within 300 days of delivery. Mackabler.dk reimburses the amount received 100% if the goods are returned in unbroken packaging. If packaging is broken or it does not include the return product or has the product clear usage traces, it is assessed by Mackabler.dk how much of the amount received is to be refunded.
We only give 14 days right of return, but please contact us as sometimes longer returns can be made on these items. 

Items returned UFRANCO or on demand are denied receipt. When returning, please use Post Nord - not alternative package distributors. You should send the goods properly packaged – together with a copy of the invoice and please write clearly that you wish to make use of the right of withdrawal and that you therefore wish to recover the price of the goods.

You can also undo your purchase by refusing receipt of the shipment. These return rules apply all goods sold to private individuals – this does not apply to goods sold to companies.
If the buyer withdraws his purchase from Mackabler.dk after the 300-day right of withdrawal, the buyer is not obliged to receive a refund. 

There is no right of withdrawal or return of custom-made goods or special orders, including goods manufactured or ordered to the consumer's specifications or given a distinct personal touch. Traders do not have the right of withdrawal.  

Damage and fault
If any of the purchased from mackabler.dk damages or causes errors on your device, MacKabler.dk is not responsible.


We use our own cables
All the people behind Mackabler use our own cables, we use the chargers, cables and headsets, not only the expensive but also the cheap versions of our products. And we are so sure of the quality that if you see us using someone else's cable, then take a picture send it to us, also you get a gift card of 400kr for Mackabler.dk.
We only use our own cables because it is difficult to test cables correctly, unless one exposes them to normal use, to test them ourselves, give a good idea of what they are being exposed to by others.

Private information
All entered and collected information is not passed on to 3rd parties and will only be used for shipping your purchased goods.

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Subject to change

mackabler.dk reserves the right to change and update the rules and conditions that apply to this website. It is therefore important that you keep up to date with changes.

We make reservations for errors, mis-keyings and defects on the website.