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iPhone 8

iPhone 8

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iPhone 8, a technical update As always, when Apple is about to launch a new product, there is much speculation about how this product will be. But this time it was a little more special when the iPhone 8 came on the street the same year that iPhones had the 10th anniversary. Some of the rumors...
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iPhone 8

iPhone 8, a technical update

As always, when Apple is about to launch a new product, there is much speculation about how this product will be. But this time it was a little more special when the iPhone 8 came on the street the same year that iPhones had the 10th anniversary. Some of the rumors were on an edge-to-edge screen, wireless charging and that it should be made of glass.

When the iPhone 8 was then launched we got answers to all the rumors. Edge-to-edge was not a reality, glass design became partly a reality, but wireless charging was realized. So we ended up with an iPhone 8, which is design-wise comparable to previous generations. There's an aluminum frame and the minimalist features we know from Apple's products are kept on hold. So we have another streamlined phone that focuses on design. The lightning connector is the only port, the home button, which also acts as a fingerprint reader, sits where the carer, there are volume buttons on the side, under the ring/silent button and on the opposite is the side button.

Technical overhaul

It's got an upgrade compared to being made of glass. And maybe one just immediately thinks that glass is not the optimal solution, compared to the fact that most who had an iPhone 4, which as you know were also made of glass, also had a completely smashed screen. This is, of course, something that Apple has taken into account and has therefore optimized the glass they use.

With the new iPhone 8, Apple is also launching the strongest glass use in a smartphone ever. This makes it more resilient than the little sister iPhone 4, so you don't end up with a smashed screen, just you're thinking of dropping it on the floor.

The advantage of having glass on the front and back is that you can then use wireless charging. A whole new technology that has not been possible in the past. Your iPhone 8 can now charge without plugging in a cord. Simply put it over a special plate, which then makes sure to charge your iPhone.with the risk of falling into a wire.

From the older model, the iPhone 7, Apple has also updated their Retina screen. With a wider color spectrum and their True Tone feature, they make the experience on your screen much better. The True Tone feature goes in and adjusts the white balance of your screen to match your surroundings.

In the new iPhone 8, also sits an A11 Bionic chip, which is 70% stronger than its predecessor A10. Already with the A10 chip in the iPhone 7, the phone was faster and stronger than all other Android phones. So with an increase of an extra 70%, the iPhone 8 is well ahead in the box. In fact, the A11 chip is as fast as a Macbook Pro. That is, your iPhone is strong enough to run applications and games that make use of Augmented Reality. This combined with a super strong screen, so you get a whole new experience when you start using your phone.

The A11 Bionic chip is also well supported by a newly developed 6 core GPU, which is 30% stronger than its predecessor. 3 of the cores are fast and 3 of them are energy efficient. This combination therefore provides an upgrade to the phone, which means that it is now the fastest model on the market.

There has also been much discussion about whether the camera would get an update. And to that end, Apple responded with a decent improvement to their current cameras. With their 12 MP cameras, they are already strong, but have now become even better at taking pictures in environments where there is not very much lighting. The lens consists of six elements and sapphire crystal is placed over the lens.

Dxomark.com which is one of the best and largest to test camera in the world, gives iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus top rating, they rank 1 and 2 in their mobile category above the world's best mobile camera right now, last year the iPhone 7 and 7 plus in 6 & 8 seats , so Apple has done a lot to get ahead again.

... but there are little shortcomings

Although many new technical things have come about the new iPhone and that da no doubt is a smartphone that is a little smarter than the others, so there are still some places where you could use some slightly more optimal solutions.

One problem that recurs since Apple chose to run exclusively with lightning connectors is that many devices cannot be connected. And certainly not at the same time. For example, you can't leave your iPhone at the same time as you listen to music. If you can connect your headphones at all, then headphones usually have a mini jack connector and therefore are not compatible with iPhones anymore. Fortunately, it's easy to find accessories to fix it.

Another problem you could imagine getting with your iPhone 8 is that it has a glass cover after all. Even though it has been hardened and hardened, it is a material that is in danger of breaking by losing it.

A third thing that can be an irritant for iPhone users is that the battery doesn't always last for the time you need. It happens that you can't get through a full day using your iPhone as an integral part of the day, without having to recharge during the day, or first when they get home. Wireless charging has made it more convenient and has eliminated the risk of falling into its cord. So a lot has happened to the battery, but there is still a little way to go before we have a completely optimal solution.

How to solve it?

Although it seems to be more difficult, there are many good opportunities to address these problems. Here at Mackabler, we have what you need to make the use of your iPhone 8 painless. We have many solutions out in covers, adaptors and powerbanks.


With a phone where the surfaces are made entirely of glass, then protection is necessary in some form. Many things can happen to one's iPhone in daily life. Something as basic as taking the phone out of your pocket helps to create small scratches. So even though the glass is extremely hardyrt, then it is a good idea to take care of its reservations.

Depending on whether you are into minimalist solutions, where you are allowed to keep the size and design of your iPhone or whether you go all-in and protect against heavy duty work, we have a solution that meets your needs.

At the lighter end, where minimal protection is needed, we have at mackableer a solution in the form of extra protective glass that can be put both on the front and back of your iPhone 8. Therefore, you do not notice that you are having a cover on. Such a solution is practical because it protects against what is called everyday use. It keeps small scratches and scratches from your phone and makes it appear brand new for longer. This solution is right for you if you don't use your iPhone constantly in everyday life or if you care a lot about the design of your phone. A good addition to this solution could be a small bag that you can put your iPhone in when you're not using it. Discreet and delicious solution that doesn't involve a traditional cover and doesn't leave your phone constantly exposed.

A slightly more traditional solution is the one where you buy an enveloping cover you just click on. Depending on what material you're looking for, you can get a solution that protects against small shocks and up to solutions that can really protect your phone in case you drop it. The solution fits life on-the-go, where the phone is used many times over the course of a day.

If you have a job or a weekday where your iPhone is very exposed, there are also heavy-duty solutions for iPhone 8 covers. There are covers that totally pack in your iPhone 8 and resist everything! So you should be unlucky enough to drop it from a high place, then the most annoying thing is that you have to go down and retrieve it again, because a heavy duty cover is going to keep your iPhone 8 intact. Dust and water are also effectively kept out of such a cover. You can therefore safely take your phone to the beach or workthey in the rain. Such a solution is ideal if you are a craftsman or generally have a job where you are very out and very active. Of course, this solution takes up a little more space than the traditional covers, but you're also it (and more) protected in case of mishap.

Adaptor for iPhone 8

Because apple only runs with lightning port in their iPhones, one has to have a good collection of adaptors.

Immediately, the adaptor which is most important is the one that allows you to connect the mini jack connector to your phone. With such an adaptor by your side, you can connect the headphones you already own. But a lightning to mini jack adaptor, so you can also easily connect your iPhone 8 to all sorts of other installations. All installations and speakers use AUX inputs and thus mini jack ports for when connecting a device from which music is played.

Another kind of adaptor which is useful to have in its arsenal is the a lightning to micro USB. With it, you can connect your iPhone 8 to the newer computers, which have gone from using standard USB connectors that are slightly larger and take up a little more space in the design. You are still able to use your charging cable to connect your iPhone 8 with standard USB ports.

While wireless charging is a super innovative way to charge your iPhone 8, it's still contingent on the phone being on the very plate that can charge your iPhone 8.

It's not that convenient if you'd like to leave your phone and use it at the same time. And the cord that comes with buying your phone is not in itself quite long and limits you when it comes to freedom of movement and phone use. A problem that can be easily solved by obtaining a wire that is longer than the standard wires. By buying a longer cord, you don't have to lie in awkward posts when scrolling through instagram in the evening before you're going to sleep, on samtime as you would like to leave your phone.

Power bank

Now that we're about to have power on your phone, a powerbank is also an amazing tool to have at hand. There are a lot of people on the market and there are some things you just need to be aware of. First, there's a big difference in the effect they have. Some write that they have up to 5000 mAh, but in reality the effect is much smaller.

This problem is easy to avoid if you make sure to buy something that is of decent quality. Then there may be up to two full charges on your powerbank. Something that's absolutely essential if you're going on a longer trip where you might not just get past an outlet right away.

Or if you just have a long day outside the home, a powerbank in your bag can also be handy. Then you don't have to fear running out of power during the day and can charge on the go.

Extra gadgets that are good to have

For a smart product, of course, there is also a set selection of gadgets that are useful in everyday life. Depending on your needs and how much you care about lir and extra accessories, there is something to come for.


There's a lot you can do to keep your phone on hold. A good place to start is cleaning. For most, greasy fingerprints are a pretty annoying evil of having a smartphone. Fortunately, however, there are many different kits that contain both cloth and screen cleaner for your phone. They are small and practical and easy to carry on the go. A super easy and wonderful solution compared to having a fat free iPhone.


Now that the camera has an update, it should also be used. So whether you're a recreational photographer or a selfie master, there's also a lot of different gadgets that make it a little more fun.

We all at some point come across a bunch of people who are standing and smiling up against a selfie stick. At first it looked quite strange when people used one, but they are now an integral part of Cityscape. You can say and think what you want, but they are actually quite practical. Not only can everyone join the group photo, it's also possible to bring a lot more of an environment when taking a selfie on holiday.

You can also buy a tripod for your iPhone, so you can pose for the ultimate holiday photos. Become a self-timer master and get some absolutely amazing photos on your hike.


Should the accident be out and you get the screen of your iPhone 8 destroyed, then it's actually possible t change the screen yourself. With the right tool and a knowledgeable guide from a youtube video, you're not far from being able to switch the screen yourself. At Mackabler, we also sell sets that contain what you need. It's not only the right screwdrivers, but it's also very handy with a holder, so you're sure the screen is at the right angle when you get the phone opened and needs to put it all back together. For this, there is a holder who acts as a helping hand in the process.

On the move

If you are the type who uses your phone as GPS, you need a proper holder for your iPhone 8. Firstly, for safety reasons, as it is extremely disruptive to constantly have to find your phone when keeping an eye on the route. But also because if you get hold of a not-so-stable holder, it simply loses your phone along the way. Obviously it's not the safest thing to do to keep an eye on the road and fiddle around after your phone at the bottom of the car.

If you don't own a car, but whilet moves around by bike, then there are actually solutions to this too. Then it is also possible for you to find your way around a new city, or on a cycling holiday when using your phone as GPS.

There are many great solutions to this problem and it is just choosing the one that works best for you.