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How do we use data with us

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We do not price according to your user profile or by where you are sent to us from.

Our prices are always the same for all users, however, there may be users who have a discount code.

The order of our products is set according to a few criteria, we use e.g. a system to put products that are not in stock at the bottom of a category. The other criteria are about how many we sell of the product and how many we have sold of them in this time last year. 

Our search system has almost the same criteria to sort by, if you search for something and it is not in stock something else can come first and we also use the number sold and number sold the same time last year in our searches. The search engine uses AI, Artificial intelligence, and ML, Machine learning, it's a black box we can't see into, so we don't know why or how it selects search results.

We use Google Analytics to analyze data from our own side.

It saves you as an anonymized user so we can view the data but not track a single user accurately. For example, it may see that the visits to a particular product come 20% from another page and 40% from google, but we can't go through a whole journey for a single user who ends up creating a user or buying from us. For example, we can see that 5% of the user on a particular page goes on to another particular page. 

Facebook tracking

We use facebook to track you, but only their audience edifying feature, so we can later send you ads on facebook if, for example, you have visited a particular product.

Facebook says that they do not use the data and that only we have access to it - other users on facebook cannot send advertisements to our users or find out which pages you have visited with us.

Facebook also anonymized the data so we can't find out who you are or fiyour Facebook profile based on data they store about you. the data they store is also limited to approximately the last 45 days. 

If you have any questions, please write to us.