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iPad pro 10.5"

iPad pro 10.5"

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The Super Strong and Compact iPad Pro The incredibly powerful and compact iPad Pro offers remarkable efficiency and is even more powerful than many laptops on the market. With an iPad Pro, you are able to perform better than ever before, as you have the privilege of using an exceptionally...
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iPad pro 10.5"

The Super Strong and Compact iPad Pro

The incredibly powerful and compact iPad Pro offers remarkable efficiency and is even more powerful than many laptops on the market. With an iPad Pro, you are able to perform better than ever before, as you have the privilege of using an exceptionally powerful tablet. The iPad Pro provides you with an extremely sharp Retina display and a high-quality camera. Therefore, it is a tablet designed for serious users.

Accessories for Your iPad Pro 10.5"

Here at CablesForMac, we sell accessories for your iPad Pro 10.5" that make it even more convenient and easy to work from a tablet.

Compact Power Tablet

The star of the show, responsible for the fast and powerful performance of the iPad Pro, is found in Apple's A10X Fusion CPU. It has an additional core compared to the iPhone 7, making it a total of six cores. Additionally, it has 4GB of RAM, which is double the amount found in the 9.7" version.

To put it into perspective, the iPad Pro is nearly as fast as a MacBook Pro. It is no joke that the iPad Pro stands as the fastest tablet in its class, often capable of replacing a laptop for many users.

High-Resolution Display

With the iPad Pro, you get a display that operates at 2224 x 1668 resolution on an IPS LCD Retina display. Previously, iPads had a 60 Hz refresh rate, meaning the screen refreshed 60 times per second. However, with this iPad Pro, you are now at a whopping 120 Hz, which means it updates twice as often. You get a screen that operates so smoothly that you hardly notice when you touch it before it responds.

Thanks to ProMotion technology, which is used to run the 120 Hz, the screen's refresh rate also adjusts based on what you are doing. Most streaming movies run at a lower Hz than 120, and ProMotion will adjust accordingly to the appropriate frame rate. However, if you use your iPad for drawing, the 120 Hz ensures a completely fluid experience, similar to drawing on a piece of paper. In fact, ProMotion is such an intelligent system that it can run at two different speeds, allowing you to seamlessly switch between your drawing program and your video program without any decrease in performance. Not only do you get a more natural experience when designing and drawing on your tablet, but this type of adaptation is also battery-friendly, resulting in longer battery life for your iPad Pro.

Battery Life

A powerful power tablet should be able to last a full workday. According to Apple, an iPad Pro can last up to 10 hours of video playback, and according to various reviews, it can run for 7-8 hours with multiple apps open, music playback, photo editing, and other work tasks. For a tablet, that is quite a long time and provides a lot of freedom and time to work while on the go. Although it may not be significantly longer than its predecessors, it can still handle powerful programs for an extended period without any issues, which is better than many other tablets on the market.

Power Bank

As mentioned, the battery life is long, but perhaps you still need a boost when you're on the go. In that case, a power bank is an indispensable tool to have in your pocket. With a power bank at hand, you can suddenly extend your battery life and avoid the risk of losing valuable work while on the move.

When purchasing a power bank, it is important to be aware that there may be a difference between the stated power output and the actual power output. There is usually some loss in one form or another. Here at CablesForMac, however, we strive to provide power banks that live up to their promises and minimize energy loss as much as possible. That being said, a power bank is the ultimate gadget to have in your pocket if you want to ensure you have extra power with you at all times.


Wires have a tendency to disappear at the most inconvenient times, and you may suddenly find yourself in need of a cable. Whether it's for charging or connecting your iPad Pro to your Mac, you'll find a wide selection of cables and adapters on our website that should help you in such situations, so you don't suddenly feel completely disconnected.

Furthermore, these cables are available in various lengths, so if you're tired of being limited by the included cable, you can easily find cables that better suit your needs.

Among other adapters, there is also the lightning to HDMI adapter, which makes it easy to display presentations on a large screen or see your designs unfold in all their glory while drawing on your tablet.

Care and Cleaning

Greasy fingerprints on the screen are one of the most annoying things to look at on a tablet. But since it is almost unavoidable when using an iPad Pro, it is nice to have a cleaning kit on hand to easily remove those greasy fingerprints. Fortunately, there are various small kits available that include both cleaning solution and microfiber cloths, allowing you to keep your screen free of fingerprints.

These kits are easy to pack and keep together, making them convenient to bring along on your travels. This way, you can always present a spotless tablet and appear professional when showing a design to a client or discussing documents in a meeting.


To protect your iPad Pro to the fullest, it is essential to have the right cover. A cover can range from a simple silicone protection that keeps scratches and dust away from your iPad Pro, keeping it looking new for longer and easily withstanding everyday use. To complete the simple and straightforward protection, it is also recommended to purchase a screen film to prevent scratches when using your stylus and drawing in the program.

If you need a little more protection, there are also protective glasses available for the iPad Pro. This means that your screen becomes more resistant to impacts and bumps. Since glass displays do not have the best reputation for being completely resistant to bumps and can sometimes crack easily, a protective glass is a good investment for many.

Another type of cover is one that also functions as a keyboard. So if you find it annoying to type on a touch keyboard and prefer physical buttons, this type of cover is definitely something you should consider.

There are also covers that can quickly and easily fold to function as a stand for your iPad, allowing you to watch movies or present presentations. They can also simply serve as extra support, angling your iPad correctly for a more comfortable typing experience when using the touch keyboard.


If accidents happen and you haven't protected your iPad Pro enough, and you end up damaging your screen, there is a solution. Instead of paying a fortune to have the screen replaced, it is actually possible to do it yourself. All it takes is having the right equipment, a little patience, and a steady hand.

Here at CablesForMac, we sell a wide range of tools and accessories that you can use to replace the screen at home.

Of course, you can also use these toolkits to replace screens in other devices, whether it's your iPad, iPhone, or other smartphones. Just make sure you have the right glass ready.