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Lightning cables connectors and adapters

Lightning cables connectors and adapters

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Here you will see the various Lightning cables we sell at Mackabler.dk. They work for all newer iPhones that apply from iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and upwards. Lightning cables also work for Apple's newer iPads: iPad 4, ipad4 mini, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Pro and...
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Lightning cables connectors and adapters

Here you will see the various Lightning cables we sell at Mackabler.dk. They work for all newer iPhones that apply from iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and upwards. Lightning cables also work for Apple's newer iPads: iPad 4, ipad4 mini, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4. Generally speaking, the Lightning cable can be used on all Apple devices (iPhones, iPods, iPads) from 2012 onwards.

What is a Lightning cable?

A Lightning cable is an enhanced connection cable for iPhone and iPad. Because charging speed is a major priority for many, there has been high demand for an iPhone cable and charger for iPhone that is capable of increasing the speed of charging. The answer to that demand was the lightning cables. They are almost universally widespread across all brands. With a Lightning cable and a similarly fast charger, you get the fastest possible charge for your iPhone or iPad.

In addition, a Lightning cable for iPhone gives you a really good data transfer rate, which is also a great advantage if you need to transfer directly to your MacBook or other device.

What can I connect my Lightning cable to?

There are many different Lightning cables, depending on what you want to connect your iPhone or iPad to. There are options for Lightning to jack connectors, Lightning to USB-C, MicroUSB for Lightning, Lightning to USB etc. So basically there is ample opportunity to connect your iPhone to everything you need. It's just about having the right cable or the right adapter. There are also different kinds of docks and adapters that allow you to connect to multiple kinds of devices simultaneously if you need to.

In addition, many also need a good charger, as a partner to the Lightning cable, because this way you get the most optimal charger for the iPhone. Here are several good options, depending on how many connections the charger should have. A classic combination is our MFi Lightning cable and a good 12W charger that can quickly charge your iPhone or charge two iPhones simultaneously.

Instead, if you want an iPhone charger that can handle all the family devices at once, Avantree has made an excellent charger. If you buy Avantree multi USB charger + 5x MFi Lightning cable, you are assured that your entire family can charge simultaneously.

What's the best cable for my iPhone?

There are several factors that determine what is the best cable for the iPhone. Durability often plays a fairly important role in the choice of cable. Durability is the result of the choice of materials. For example, the cable itself may become too rigid, so it breaks easily, or the end may become too soft, so the hardware gets damaged too easily. Often the price of the cable is a good indicator of how durable it is, as long as no other functionalities are included.

You can get a pretty cheap cable for the iPhone, but they're also known to break pretty easily. Conversely, at the expensive end you can find a cable like Adam Elements Peak Nylon Fiber Lightning cable that has an excellent durability. We would also recommend our own MFi Lightning cable for iPhone, which is made in high quality but still at a reasonable price. Here we have just considered the composition of the materials in the cable to give the best durability.

There are many variations of cables. If you need a cable that can handle multiple tasks at once, we can clearly recommend Baseus 3 in 1 cable with Lightning, USB-C and micro USB. It provides the most commonly used connectors, and you can charge 3 different devices simultaneously from your MacBook. If you need to connect your iPhone with jack connectors, Baseus has a lightning to 2x mini jack male connector so you can easily connect your speakers or headset. Alternatively, there's always the option to acquire a lightning-to-iPhone dock so you can connect your iPhone to all your other devices.

What kind of accessories can use Lightning?

There are a number of different accessories designed to connect directly to your Lightning port on iPhone or iPad. A sure winner for those who want to have all your devices assembled in one place is the Avantree PowerHouse Plus + 4 Lightning cable MFi, which allows you to have up to 4 devices connected to a docking solution. This is convenient, whether it's for the office or for the family. If you'd rather just have a dock for your own iPhone, we have an iPhone Lightning Dock, so the screen is easy to interact with at the same time.

If you want more functionality for this, then we also have options that include audio, like our iPhone dock with sound. That way, you can easily put on music, keep up with your playlist, and quickly switch songs.

If you need a USB connector to store your photos, or just for extra storage space in general, then we have several USB connectors for iPhone that use Lightning. The best we have is Adam Elements iKlips Duo Memory Connector with Lightning and USB, where multiple sizes are available. Adam Elements generally makes products in very high quality, so you don't go wrong in the city. If you'd rather have a simpler solution in a slightly lower price range, then our iPhone USB connector 32GB with Lightning USB and microUSB is also quite a sensible solution.

In case you need a microSD adapter for iPhone, Adam Elements has also made an excellent product in their Adam Elements iKlips 4k miReader. This allows you to view or upload all your videos and photos easily and quickly.

So there are plenty of options for iPhone accessories and iPad accessories, and more are coming all the time. With adapters, virtually any device can also be connected to your iPhone.

Lightning Cable - in short

The pre-2012 Universal Apple Charger ("Dock connector") had 30 pins where LThe ightning cable (which came in 2012) only has 8. This made it a whole smaller one, and therefore it required less space on the devices for power connection. This meant that, for example, iPhones had the opportunity to be made much thinner. The Lightning cable also has a processor in it so it can adjust which direction the electrical signals should go. This means that it doesn't matter which direction you connect the cable to your iPhone. This avoids having to reverse it correctly or risk plugging it incorrectly and returning to an empty battery.


What do we offer?

At Mackabler.dk you can buy different versions of the Lightning cable. Because of the Lightning cable processor, your Apple device can check whether you're using an Apple-approved charger. The chargers that are not approved by Apple tend to stop working after a while. For this reason, we at Mackabler.dk have developed our own Lightning cable: MFi Lightning cables by Mackabler.dk! These are certified by Apple, so there will be no problems with long-term use of the cable, and you can choose a completely standard white version or the more hardy gold version, which both looks exclusive and has a really good durability, as the cord is made of metal and fabric!

So it pays to buy a slightly more expensive cable that lasts longer, and here at Mackabler.dk we'd rather buy one too much than one too little, as you never want to be left without power for your Apple device.