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iPhone 7

iPhone 7

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the iPhone 7 has just been released and it offers a lot of new features. Although the design isn't new, everything inside the new iPhone 7 is almost replaced. iPhone 7 comes with a new processor that is 30% faster than the very fast processor from iPhone 6sThey call it the A10 chip with a m10...
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iPhone 7

the iPhone 7 has just been released and it offers a lot of new features. Although the design isn't new, everything inside the new iPhone 7 is almost replaced.

iPhone 7 comes with a new processor that is 30% faster than the very fast processor from iPhone 6sThey call it the A10 chip with a m10 chip for features, Apple calls it a fusion chip because they have added 2 extra cores in the processor, it now has 4 cores 2 of them is energy saving and 2 is fast, it provides a faster iPhone and that battery lasts longer if you don't use your iPhone much.

iPhone 7 also comes in 2new colors, Jet black and black, black is black and jet black is very glossy but in turn it gets more easily scratched. Jet black is the one that was mostly sold the first weeks after release.

The camera in the iPhone 7 is new, although it doesn't work like that, it's still at 12MP and the lens has become a little more open with an f-value of f/1.8, it came from f/2.2, it means the iPhone 7's camera gets 2/3x more light in and you can get the background more blurred.

the iPhone 7 camera has also got stabilization, just like iPhone 6 plus And iPhone 6s plus having had it in the past, stabilization allows the camera to take pictures with longer closing time, which means the camera can get more light in, stabilization means a lot for video recording because video with stabilization looks better. The flash has become twice as powerful.

The front camera has also been updated, from 5MP to 7MP, as well as a better f-value.

iPhone 7 has become waterproof, finally, it is very cool to be able to wash its iPhone 7 under the tap.

3g LTE or 4g as all the mobile carriers call it has been updated, to 450 mbps(download)/50 mbps(upload), it is called LTE Cat9.

iPhone 7 doesn't have any Mini jack connector anymore, so in the future you will need an adapter or a headset with Lightning connectors, fortunately the iPhone 7 comes with both an adapter and a headset with Lightning connector, the adapter can also be purchased here on the page, already now. We at Mackabler think it will be made a bigger problem than it is, in the future you can choose headsets with lightning or bluetooth, which are both digital solutions rather than the analog mini jack connector. In between the period here where we all still have mini jack headsets you have this adapter, from lightning to mini jack, this one is very cheap, Apple only takes 75kr for it and we take less for it, in return it is this adapter and not your more expensive headset that breaks the next time the plug is broken on your headset.

When we talk about sound, the iPhone 7 has got 2 speakers instead of 1, which means it can play twice as loud and the iPhone 7 has stereo speakers for videos.

iPhone 7 has also got a new version of iOS, namely iOS10, we've all tried it. iPhone 7 also comes with a bigger battery.


With the new battery, of course, there is a lot more life on the phone than you have been used to in the past. But for those who are on the road most of the day and use your phone a lot, it can be difficult for a battery to keep up with being in progress all day. So you may still find that a charge is not enough, and you are therefore once again chained to a wall where you need to charge your phone.

The solution is a powerbank. And we have a good selection of them here at Mackabler. They're lightweight and portable, so you can have an extra charge or two on the go. Depending on the size you choose, you can charge your phone up twice. It's a really practical thing to be able to do while on the bus or on the train heading between two destinations. With a powerbank, you can connect your iPhone 7 wherever you are, and it can then charge in your bag as you move from one place to another.

When choosing your powerbank, look at how many mAh it contains. It's telling how much power you can save in your power bank. And thus also telling for how many times you can let your tealefon up.  The higher numbers, the more power.

Another thing that is important to mention in this context is that there is also a shrinkage when you charge your powerbank. This loss is made up in the number of percent parts, and it is therefore important to find the powerbank, which has the lowest percentage of losses, if you want to be sure that it is so close to the real mAh amount as is listed. Here at Mackabler, we strive to only negotiate powerbanks that have the lowest percentage of losses, which is also why we make sure to test our powerbanks.


There's nothing worse than losing your charger or forgetting it somewhere. What to do with a smartphone if it has no power? So an extra charger is gold worth having on hand if it should happen that you got the charger put somewhere where you can't immediately get near it again.

The accident could be out, too, and you'd need a brand new charger. We sell both chargers, which are original Apple cables, but also cables that are as good quality as the originals. You have the option to choose cables in many different colors or maybe you need a cable that is a little longer a standard. It can be restrictive with a cable that is not long enough for there to be some freedom of movement. Whether it's because you have to charge your phone while sitting on the sofa, or if you have to talk on the phone while it's charging, it's very nice to have a wire that doesn't limit.


There are many different kinds of covers for an iPhone 7, and which one to choose depends very much on what your needs are and what your everyday life looks like. If you are a craftsman, it is worth investing in a cover that can withstand the challenges you may face in the everyday life, but if you only use your phone easily and have a quiet everyday life, it can be enough med a cover at the slightly lighter end.

At the heavy end of the covers, there are special heavy duty covers that can withstand almost anything you might expose them to. Whether it's falling from high altitudes, whether you're dropping them into water or losing something on them, a solid cover keeps your phone intact at the end of the day. Even if your phone is completely protected, there is still free access to AUX input and charging, and you can continue to use your buttons without hindrance. So a solid cover does not compromise with ease of use, but there is a small compromise with size. To ensure that your smartphone can survive a rough everyday life, it takes another cover to last everything and it takes up a little space. But it's definitely something you'll be happy about when you for 3. Once pick up your phone from a puddle or drop it on a concrete floor.

At the very opposite end of the covers, you'll find the small standard covers. They protect you from losing your phone to some extent, but they're best at keeping scratches out of the way and making sure your smartphone stays nice for longer. On the other hand, they take up virtually nothing and you won't notice. There's everything from the transparent that you barely notice to some big and colorful designs that scream for attention. And, of course, everything in between. If you also want a stylish cover, maybe in leather that matches your bag, you can definitely find it too.

There are also covers with various functions. Some have a power bank built in so that when you put your phone to charge, you also charge the extra battery that sits in the cover itself, and you thus have more power to run during the day. You can also find covers that also act as a wallet, so you can have your cards, cash and smartphone together in one place. It is useful if you change your bag frequently, or if you would like to avoid carrying around on both phone and wallet.


It is not always that you are completely secured even if you have bought a cover, you can be extra unlucky and yet get to destroy something on your phone. As a rule, it is the screen that goes beyond, which is arsonous and to great irritation in everyday life.

Fortunately, you don't have to replace the entire phone if you just need to have the screen changed. And actually, you can do it at home.  With the right spare parts and tools, it's actually possible to fix most of it on your iPhone 7. If the battery starts to be slow to charge or doesn't keep it on the power the way you want it to, you can also replace your old battery with a new one and re-energise your phone.

There are many great tutorials on the web that quietly guide you through how to switch everything from the broken screen to switching a more complicated spare part, such as the AUX entrance.

Photo accessories

Whether it's your mountain hike you want to perpetuate, or whether it's your selfies that need to be improved, there are accessories. that can take you in the right direction.

You can buy different tripods for your iPhone 7, which allows you to put your phone in a stable and plant place so your photos don't get shaken and blurry. By making use of a tripod, you can also get incredible long exposure images, where it is possible, for example, to make it look as if the lights of passing cars are being painted. A simpler set-up is that you get to be in your photos by making use of the self-timer and jumping into the frame with your subject.

In another category of paraphernalia for funny images, the item that people love to hate is the selfie stick. Wherever you goIl you inevitably run on this metal pole, which weathers up in the air, so that people get their face on a picture of the tourist attraction in the background. Whether you love to hate it, hate loving it or just love good selfies, it's here to stay and why not make the best of it? Group pictures get much better and it's also easier to get a good picture of you and your girlfriend if you use a selfie stick. It undoubtedly minimizes the awkward angles.

Depending on what you're missing for your iPhone 7, there's a good way to find it on this page. DEr is a whole a good selection of equipment, accessories and gimmicks that make your iPhone 7 more usable, exciting or just more convenient.