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M7 USB-C charger cable of 2m 100W PD - White

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    Do you need a USB-C cable to charge either your Mac, iPad or other device? Then this USB-C cable from the M7 is just what you need.

    The cable measures 2 meters and supports charging at up to 100 W with Power Delivery technology, so you are guaranteed lightning-fast charging of your device.

    This cable is of type USB-C 2.0 and looks like Apple's original.

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    This 2 meter USB-C cable is perfect for charging your Mac, iPad or other device that works with a USB-C cable.

    Is your old USB-C cable for your Mac broken or are you the type who likes to be ahead of the curve? Then we have this USB-C cable from M7, which solves the problem for you.

    The cable measures 2 meters and supports an output of up to 100 W with Power Delivery technology, which most newer devices use for charging – including MacBooks.

    Since this cable is of the USB-C 2.0 type, it is reserved for charging. With that said, it can also be used to transfer data, but with a significantly slower transfer speed than, for example, USB-C 3.1 cables. If you are looking for such a cable, we recommend this black woven USB-C cable from M7.

    So if your current USB-C charging cable needs a replacement, then this cable from M7 is a strong candidate for you. And it also looks like the original from Apple, so it fits in with the beautiful design.

    Top quality from M7

    Charging your MacBook must of course be done with the best equipment, and you get that with a USB-C cable from M7, which is MacKabler's own brand. Under the M7 brand, you will find products that have been specially developed to work well with primarily Apple's product portfolio, and with a good durability, which is why the M7 products also come with a 3-year warranty.

    With M7, we also have a clear focus on the environment by minimizing the packaging as much as possible, so that the products take up as little space as possible during transport - both from the manufacturers to us and from us and to you as the end user. We also try to phase out the use of plastic in the packaging as much as possible, so that the environmental impact is reduced.

    With a USB-C charger cable from M7, you get a quality product that works just as well as an original product and mostly with a much longer shelf life, which is good for both your account and the planet's CO2 account.

    Designed like the original USB-C cable

    Us Apple enthusiasts usually pay a lot of attention to appearance and design, which is why the M7's USB-C charger cable is also manufactured so that it looks confusingly like an original cable. Simply, the discreet M7 logo has been added, and otherwise the cable color and connector have been chosen to fit perfectly with your other Apple equipment.

    So with the M7 you get both the great design and the good quality with long durability when you buy a new or an extra USB-C charger cable for your MacBook or other laptop.

    USB-C is the future

    USB-C is recognized by all major manufacturers as the standard of the future, and for Apple it is of course already a fixed component of the equipment package for both MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, iPad Pro, Mac Studio, Mac Pro and iMac. Therefore, every Apple user will also quickly need more than a USB-C charger cable, and with this cable from M7 you get a strong and durable cable that can deliver up to 100W, which means that it can be used for all the Apple devices that need power from a USB-C cable.

    The USB-C standard is here to stay, and in the future there will be more and more devices that use this technology, so it is common sense to be prepared and always have a USB-C charger cable at home and in the office , so that charging of current and future devices is ensured.

    Note that no charger is included - see our recommendations in the green box above.

    M7 is Mackabler's own brand and something we are extremely proud of. We have a mission to carry quality products at a good price with a minimum of packaging.

    Find out Which Mac you have like this.

    Mac's med USB-C eller Thunderbolt 32020-21201920182017201620152013 og tilbage
    MacBook Air 11" & 13"
    MacBook Pro 13" Retina
    MacBook Pro 15" Retina
    MacBook Pro 13" uden Touch Bar
    MacBook Pro 13" med 2x Thunderbolt 3
    MacBook Pro 13" med Touch Bar
    MacBook Pro 13" med 4x thunderbolt 3
    MacBook Pro 15" med Touch Bar
    MacBook Pro 16" med Touch Bar
    iMac 21,5" (4k)
    iMac 27" (5k)
    Mac mini
    Mac Pro
    iMac Pro
    iPad Pro

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    iPad 1

    iPad 2

    iPad 3 Retina

    iPad 4 Retina

    iPad mini 6

    iPad mini 5

    iPad mini 1

    iPad mini 2

    iPad mini 3

    iPad mini 4

    iPad Air

    iPad Air 2

    iPad 5 & 6 (2017+18)

    iPad Pro 9,7" (2016)

    iPad Pro 10,5" (2017)

    iPad Pro 12,9" (15-17)

    iPad Pro 11" 2018

    iPad Pro 12,9" 2018

    iPad Air 10,5" 2019

    iPad 7 / 8 / 9 med 10,2" (2019-)

    iPad Pro 11" 2020

    iPad Pro 12,9" 2020

    iPad 10. gen 10,9" 2022

    iPad Pro M2 11" 2022

    iPad Pro M2 12,9" 2022

    iPad Air 5 10,9" 2022

    iPad Air 4 10,9" 2020


    MacBook Pro 13"

    MacBook Pro 15"

    MacBook Pro 17"

    MacBook Air 11"

    MacBook Air 13"

    MacBook Pro 13" Retina (2014-2015)

    MacBook Pro 15" Retina (2012-2015)

    MacBook 12" (2015+)

    MacBook Pro 13" 2x Thunderbolt (2016+)

    MacBook Pro 13" ikke Touch (2016+)

    MacBook Pro 13" Touch (2016+)

    MacBook Pro 15" Touch (2016+)

    MacBook Pro 16" Touch (2019+)

    MacBook Air 13" Retina 2018+

    MacBook Air 13" M1

    MacBook Air M2

    MacBook Pro 13" M2

    MacBook Pro 14" M1 Max/Pro

    MacBook Pro 16" M1 Max/Pro

    MacBook Pro 14" M2 Max/Pro

    MacBook Pro 16" M2 Max/Pro

    MacBook Pro 13" M1


    iMac 17"

    iMac 20"

    iMac 21,5"

    iMac 24"

    iMac 27"

    iMac 21,5" (USB-C)

    iMac 27" (USB-C)


    iMac 24" (M1) 2021

    Mac Mini, iPad & PC'er

    Mac Mini Classic

    Mac Mini 2018+

    Mac Mini med M1

    Mac Mini med M2 / M2 Pro


    iPad Pro 11" 2021 (M1)


    iPad Pro 12,9" 2021 (M1)

    Windows PC'er med USB-C

    Data Sheet

    • Fire:


    • Sku:


    • EAN number:


    • Return:

      300 days right of return

    • Equipment:

      Cable or adapter

    • Length:

      2 meters

    • Product warranty:

      Normal Danish manufacturer's warranty with 2 year warranty

    • Technique:

      480 mbps

    • He gate:

      USB 2.0 type C

    • Compatibility:

      USB-C, Works with all Mac's with USB-C and Thunderbolt 3. It's the new Macbook 12", the new iMac, Mac mini, iMac Pro and the new Macbook Pros with Thunderbolt 3 in to now, but others are definitely coming soon. It's Mac's from 2015 onwards.

    • Max charging power for USB-C PD device:

      The 100W, max for usb-c port, works with all Mac's with USB-C, e.g. Macbook 29W, MacBook Pro 13" 60W, MacBook Pro 15" 87W, MacBook Pro 16" 96W, etc.



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