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Telescopic flashlight and pick-up tool for repairs and geocaching - Black

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New Telescopic rod/extractor for fishing and geocaching in fiber glass 10-11m

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Telescopic flashlight and pick-up tool for repairs and geocaching - Black

vare nr.: #1737


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    Smart flashlight with several functions, so the possibilities of use are many, and you thus get both a 160 lumen light, magnetic pick-up tool at both ends and the option to stretch the flashlight to be 57 cm long, where the outermost link is even flexible and can be rotated 360º.

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    Telescopic Flashlight and Pick-Up Tool for Repair and Geocaching - Black

    Telescopic flashlights and pick-up tools are practical instruments for both repair tasks and geocaching activities. Their versatility makes them indispensable for reaching small objects or exploring dark areas.

    Continue reading to learn more about the features, benefits, and uses that this product can offer.

    Features and Specifications

    This black telescopic flashlight and pick-up tool is designed with several innovative features to make your experience more convenient and efficient. Some of the key features and specifications include:

    • Telescopic Extension: The flashlight and pick-up tool can extend from 17 - 57 cm, allowing you to illuminate and reach objects that are out of reach. This is particularly useful in situations where you need to grab small items or explore dark and inaccessible areas.
    • Sleek Black Design: This flashlight and pick-up tool comes in a stylish black color, a classic shade that never tires the eyes.
    • LED Light: The flashlight is equipped with a bright LED light, providing clear and sharp illumination. This allows you to explore dark areas or precisely identify objects you want to pick up.
    • Pick-Up Function: This device also features a pick-up function, enabling you to collect small items from the ground or other hard-to-reach places. This is useful for both practical use and geocaching activities.
    • Lightweight and Durable: The flashlight and pick-up tool are lightweight and durable. They are constructed from aluminum, ensuring that they can withstand repeated use without damage.

    Benefits of Using a Telescopic Flashlight and Pick-Up Tool

    There are many advantages to using a telescopic flashlight and pick-up tool for repair and geocaching. Some of the main benefits include:

    • Increased Reach: With the telescopic extension, you can easily reach items in hard-to-access places or at heights that would otherwise be impossible to reach. This saves time and effort during repairs or geocaching activities.
    • Lighting in Dark Areas: The LED light in this flashlight allows you to explore dark areas and discover hidden objects. This can be particularly useful during repairs where you need clear lighting to see small details.
    • Easy Pickup of Metal Objects: The magnetic pick-up feature built into this device makes it easy to collect small metal objects. This is especially handy when you lose or drop small parts during repairs.
    • Convenient and Easy to Use: The telescopic flashlight and pick-up tool are easy to operate and require no additional tools. You can easily perform repairs or geocaching activities on your own without relying on other equipment.

    Possible Applications

    This telescopic flashlight and pick-up tool have many applications in both domestic and outdoor activities. Some of the primary uses include:

    • Repairs: This tool is handy for repair tasks where you need to reach small items or illuminate dark areas. It can be used for electronic repairs, jewelry repairs, car repairs, and much more.
    • Geocaching: Geocaching is a popular outdoor activity where you search for hidden items using GPS coordinates. This flashlight and pick-up tool are useful for finding and collecting geocaching containers or treasures that are placed in hard-to-access locations.
    • Home Use: The tool is also useful for common daily tasks around the house. It can be used to see and retrieve keys or small items that have fallen behind furniture or in hard-to-reach places.

    With this telescopic flashlight and pick-up tool, you can enhance your repair skills and enjoy exciting geocaching adventures. Its versatility and ease of use make it an essential tool for anyone who values functionality and reliability.


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      300 days right of return

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      17 - 57 cm

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      1W Flexible Magnet Camping Fishing Telescopic 360 Degrees Head Flashlight Outdoor Torch Magnetic Pick Up Tool Lamp(Black)

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      Normal Danish manufacturer's warranty with 2 year warranty

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      Yes - can be ordered online for pickup.



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