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Puzzlebox cylinder labyrinth for money gifts and geocaching - 3D printed - Black

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New Puzzlebox cylinder labyrinth for money gifts and geocaching - 3D printed - Black

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Puzzlebox cylinder labyrinth for money gifts and geocaching - 3D printed - Black

vare nr.: #3231


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    Make the cash gift a fun experience by placing banknotes or gift cards inside the cylinder maze, so the recipient has to spend some time getting to the gift.

    The maze has only one way through, so it's not impossible, but it might take a moment to solve, and it can of course be used again and again.

    The container is also ideal for geocaching.

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    Puzzlebox Cylinder Maze

    A Puzzlebox cylinder maze is an exciting and entertaining way to give money gifts or as part of geocaching adventures.

    These 3D-printed cylinder mazes come in green or black and offer a unique challenge for those attempting to solve them.

    What is a Puzzlebox Cylinder Maze?

    A Puzzlebox cylinder maze functions as a container where you can hide money, small gifts, clues for a treasure hunt, or a bison tube for geocaching.

    To access the contents, the recipient must solve a maze, making it both a fun and challenging gift or activity.

    3D-Printed Quality

    Using 3D printing technology ensures a precise and well-balanced construction. This results in a robust and durable maze that can withstand multiple solving attempts.

    The 3D-printed structure provides a detailed design that enhances the maze-solving experience.

    Uses for the Cylinder Maze: Gifts, Treasure Hunts, and Geocaching

    Money Gifts and Gift Cards

    A puzzlebox cylinder maze is perfect for money gifts and gift cards on special occasions such as birthdays, confirmations, and anniversaries.

    Instead of giving a conventional envelope with money, you can give the recipient a fun challenge to solve first.

    • Create a memorable experience by including a maze as part of the gift.
    • Make receiving money or a gift card an entertaining game for all ages.

    Treasure Hunts

    If you're planning a treasure hunt for a children's birthday party or another event, you can successfully use the 3D-printed cylinder maze as a station along the way.

    In the cylinder's round compartment, you can hide a clue that leads participants further in the hunt.

    • Create a challenging station in the treasure hunt that requires some effort from the participants.
    • Make the treasure hunt more fun and memorable.


    For geocaching enthusiasts, a puzzlebox cylinder maze adds an extra layer of complexity.

    Place the cylinder as a step in a multi-cache or as the final geocaching container. The inner compartment fits a bison tube perfectly, keeping the log sheet extra protected.

    • Enhance the geocaching experience by adding a mental challenge.
    • Contribute to the overall excitement and extend the gameplay.

    Why Use a Puzzlebox Cylinder Maze?

    Challenge and Fun

    A puzzlebox cylinder maze offers an intellectual challenge that appeals to both children and adults. It provides a sense of accomplishment when you finally solve the maze and access the contents.

    Unique Gift Wrapping

    This product stands out by transforming traditional gift wrapping into an interactive experience.

    It is far more engaging and memorable to receive a gift that requires some effort and thinking rather than just opening an envelope.

    Why a Puzzlebox Cylinder Maze is a Great and Fun Choice

    A puzzlebox cylinder maze is not just a container but an experience.

    It is an innovative way to make money gifts special and adds extra excitement for geocachers.

    The cylinder maze requires both patience and skill to solve, making it a rewarding and fun activity for all age groups.


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      300 days right of return

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      6 x 3 cm / Rum: 5,5 x 1,8 cm

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      Puzzlebox cylinder labyrint

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      Normal Danish manufacturer's warranty with 2 year warranty

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