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iPhone and iPad chargers

iPhone and iPad chargers

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Find your iPhone or iPad charger at Mackabler.dk Since the advent of smartphones, the role of the charger, and not least its ability to quickly charge up your device, has become much more essential precisely because both iPhones and iPads require large amounts of power daily. And it can be hard...
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iPhone and iPad chargers

Find your iPhone or iPad charger at Mackabler.dk

Since the advent of smartphones, the role of the charger, and not least its ability to quickly charge up your device, has become much more essential precisely because both iPhones and iPads require large amounts of power daily. And it can be hard to find all the different options that are present when you need to find your next charger for either your iPhone or iPad.

Here at Mackabler.dk, we are able to offer you a wide, varied and quality-assured selection, which helps to ensure that you can safely find the charger that match the needs and expectations you have for such a device. 

On closer inspection, it turns out that there are large individual differences between the chargers, and it is therefore important that you focus your attention on the parameters that we will review below. That way, you're well equipped to make the right choice the first time and buy the right charger right away.

Prices for any wallet

Of course, when you need to invest in a new charger for either your iPad or iPhone, you also need to think about how much money you want and the ability to spend. Fortunately, we have a large selection of chargers, which means you have an extraordinarily good option to find a charger that costs what you want to pay.

Let's say you don't want to spend very much money on a charger, but might just need a new one as the old one has either been lost or simply isn't working anymore. In this case, for example, it might be possible to look at this Model. As you can see, this is a charger that in many ways resembles the classic charger for the iPhone. 

It's a 5W charger, which means it's designed to charge iPhones. Therefore, be aware that it will wear out faster if you also use it for your iPad, so it is not recommended. On the other hand, it works for all known iPhone models. You can also use it as an extra charger to carry to school or work. 

Of course, there is also the possibility to get hold of a charger, which costs something more. Med Multi USB wall charger 5 x Avantree Power trek we have moved up into a completely different league. Here you get a charger that with the entire 48W can easily handle the charging of multiple devices at once. Of course, the price is also somewhat more expensive, but nevertheless this is a rather delicious charger, which still does not cost the whites out of the eyes. It can be used by, for example, the family, who have several iPhones and iPads and therefore also regularly have a quite high need for charging their devices. It is also an option to use the charger when the whole family is going on holiday together. Then it is enough simply to bring this model.

Design and expression

For many people, how the charger physically presents itself plays a big part, and it is also one of the reasons why many manufacturers have realized that it pays to emphasize design and expression. After all, the included charger for your new iPhone or iPad isn't a product that boasts a stylistic expression that backs the competition.

Other manufacturers are in the advantageous position of not having to rely on a specific Apple expression, which helps give them more leeway when they are tasked with designing a charger for your iPad or iPhone. But we should also not neglect the fact that there are actually people who love the pure original Apple expression, which is why, of course, we can also offer chargers with that design. Check this charger for example, which with the entire 12W is suitable for both iPads and iPhones.

Should you be interested in acquiring a charger that has a completely different expression, there are ample opportunities for this. What do you say to this Sandberg iPhone/iPad USB Charger, as med its glossy surface and the different colors in white, black and gray help give the charger a markedly different expression, even if it is design-wise based on the originals from Apple? Here you get a nice and extremely user-friendly charger that actually has enough power to charge 2 iPads at the same time.

You can also go in a completely different ditch and take a closer look at Sandberg 6 ports USB charger 51W, as with its round shape, the mirrored center and the dark dominant surface reminiscent of UFOs and other good from the science fiction universe. Here the designers have moved away from the characteristic square design and have instead found a rather ingenious and functional solution to the problem that arises when you want to charge multiple devices at once.

Quick Charge - when you need a lot of power fast

When you're looking for a charger, it's inherently because you want to acquire a gadget that can quickly and easily make sure you always have power on your smartphone or iPad. Because even though iPhones and iPads have only become more beautiful and user-friendly as time has passed, you probably can also nod recognizably to the fact that they use a lot of power and that you can rarely walk around a full day without having to charge your device.

In these times when the vast majority of our communication takes place via electronic channels, it is essential that you can know that you are not running out of power. We need our smartphones and our iPads both for private use, but certainly also for work purposes, where the reception and processing of e-mails, for example, is predominantly handled by a smartphone or tablet. 

It's not always the case that we have time to wait for the included charger to finish charging, and if you're a diligent user of your smartphone or iPad, you've probably learned that you can just put 10% power on your iPhone before you can move on. It is often an untenable situation and thet can be a big nuisance to you that you can't get enough power on your iPhone or iPad fast enough. 

This is exactly where the Quick Charge technology comes in. Quick Charge is a pretty amazing invention that in a very short time can - if not let your smart up completely - then inject the devices into large amounts of power. It is a highly user-friendly feature that we are sure you will appreciate. Experience it in the model BUENCO 2 USB ports charger Quick Charge 3.0, which is equipped with the very latest technology in this field.

iPhone does not support Quick Charge but they support something else, they support namely 10W charging if your iPhone is newer than the iPhone 6, so here it is also an advantage to buy a 10W charger even if the one that came with is only 5w.

Charge multiple devices at a time

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, our daily lives have become easier in many different ways - indeed, some would even argue that life has become more fun. Where in the past it was customary for there to be just one or two mobile phones in the family that could, by the way, hold power for a week at a time, the picture looks quite different today. An average family with two adults and two large children often has, as a minimum, 4 smartphones and two or more iPads. This requires the ability to charge its devices quickly.

Of course, you can choose to have multiple chargers lying around, but there is certainly another option that you can choose to make use of. Either alone or with the chargers you already have. We have a wide range of different chargers that have it in common that you can charge multiple devices at once with one of these. 

For example, we look at this 6 ports USB charger, here's a charger that you can actually connect 6 devices at a time. So you can charge 6 iPhones at a time, but you should be aware that the situation is slightly different if you want to charge iPads. Due to the charger's technical specifications and performance, it is only possible to charge 3 iPads at a time, which is still absolutely approved.  

So there are a lot of different options for you when you want to charge your devices smarter. You should again make sure to check on what needs you have. Here, it's especially important that you think about whether you need to charge both the iPad and iPhone at the same time, as it places a slightly greater demand on the multi-charger you might buy. Therefore, pay your attention to the charger's specifications before deciding which model you would like to spend money on. If nothing else, it's certainly worth making sure to grab a charger that can handle more than one device at a time.

Pay attention to the charger's wattage

When buying a charger for your iPhone or iPad, it's important to make sure you buy a charger that can deliver the amount of wattage you need. Indeed, there are differences in the performance that apple's varying devices need, and roughly speaking, a distinction is made between 5W, 10W and 12W.

If we look at chargers that provide 5W, this is a type of charger that works with all iPhones, iPods and a single iPad Mini. An example of this charger can be mentioned solar charger for iPhonethat delivers power to your iPhone via solar cells in the best environmentally friendly way. It's a good solution if you just have a single iPhone and at the same time want to reduce your power consumption.

If we move on to the chargers that deliver 10W, you will find chargers that can provide power for all iPhones and iPods. If you want to use a 10W charger for an iPad, be aware that charging the iPads that are newer than the iPad 4 will be at a slower pace, as the new models usually require 12W to charge optimally. This Baseus charger connector, which is simply clearr charging your iPhone. You may also need to use it for your iPad, but you will then learn that charging is somewhat slower than with a charger exactly suitable for this purpose.

Then we get to the most powerful chargers that can deliver the whole 12W. Here you get a charger that you can use for all your iPhones and not least for all newer and older iPad models. If you want to be sure to get the most out of your new charger, you need to find yourself a model with 12 W. For example, Sandberg Excellence Charger 2xUSB 12Wx2 iPhone/iPad, which is a model that demonstrates in the finest way what a super charger should be able to do. 

Which charger should I choose?

Now we've looked at several different chargers for iPads and iPhones, and it's a fact that there are many different ones, each of which has their own advantages. And as we wrote at the outset, it's important that you find yourself a charger that match your needs. After all, there's a difference between charging just a single iPhone or you need to keep the whole family's arsenal of smartphones and tablets up to date.

Let's say you live alone and have a single iPhone and an iPad of recent times. Then you've probably often been in a situation where you've needed to charge your devices at the same time. Here you could usefully look at one of the chargers where the possibility of charging multiple devices at the same time is on offer. Tronsmart 3 ports USB turbo charger M. Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, which is a very nice charger that easily and elegantly copes with the needs that an owner of an iPhone and iPad might have. 

On the other hand, if you're just interested in an extra charger for your iPhone that you can take to work or travel, you might want to look at something else. This Model is very similar to the charger that comes with buying your iPhone, and it's a fine choice if you don't need charging to be very fast or need to charge multiple devicesthe angen.

We would also like to draw attention to our solar modelthat you can use for a single iPhone. With it at home, there's now a way to charge your iPhone just using solar energy. It is an environmentally friendly method that takes care of both your wallet and our environment.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

We hope you've learned all the options that come with it if you're looking for a new charger for your iPhone or iPad. As I said, there are many different types, and we are only interested in you finding the one you need. If you have any questions or if you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you find exactly what you are looking for.