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If you're looking for a nice selection of powerbanks for iPhone or a good charger for iPhone, you've come to the right place. Here you will find Xtorm which has a sea of different powerbanks that can cover any need.

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    311-A Xtorm

    USB charger with 2 USB connectors one at 5W (1A at 5V) and the other at 12W (2.4A at 5V), so it charges iPads iPhones and iPods also at the same time, the charger can provide full power on both ports at the same time. And then you get both EU, US and UK plugs in the package.

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    094 Xtorm

    Here is the perfect charger for the journey. If you need fast charging for your iPhone, then you need a charger like this with a USB-C for Charging cable. Then you can charge your iPhone quickly with up to 20W.

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    589 Xtorm

    Xtorms' Qi charger here is made for your iPhone with Qi charging built in, it has iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. The charger here can give the iPhone's full 7.5W charge, that's max on the iPhone's through wireless charging.The charger needs a 10W charger with a USB connector, to work optimally, a mac provides only 5W. 

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List of products by brand - Xtorm

If you're looking for a nice selection of powerbanks for iPhone or a good charger for iPhone, you've come to the right place. Here you will find Xtorm which has a sea of different powerbanks that can cover any need.

Xtorm has been going all the way back from 2008, when they wanted to be a leader in giving people extra energy in everyday life. In this area, they have done an excellent job with accolades from many places.

The company produces both for private consumption and for companies, as powerbanks are very useful for anyone who has devices to charge. So whether you're just looking for a product for yourself or a company gift, Xtorm is obvious.

They are based in the Netherlands where they have operated since they started and have since expanded from. Thus they have a central base in Europe that gives them access to many markets including ours here in Denmark, which we benefit from.

All their products are specialized to be able to power you anytime, anywhere. So they have chargers so you can charge your devices, powerbanks to take the power with you and solar panels to charge when you're away from home.

They make no secret of the fact that their agenda is about power and there is no doubt about that if you visit their side, which is bursting with energy. This description thus covers both the company as a whole and the products they make.

Their energetic products and attitude have also managed to convince us to present them here on our page. In cooperation with them, we have found the best offers for chargers and powerbanks that can give the best to our customers.

Their products also fit well with our concept, as they are mainly aimed at Apple products and are thoroughly tested to Apple standards, so you can be sure that your iPhone gets the best for that.

There has been a focus on the fact that you can both get a regular charger for the iPhone but can also move out into a solar charger for the iPhone if you want a profor special situations, or just want to try a little different options like charger for iPhone.

In addition, we have a powerbank for iPhone or powerbank for iPad for any situation, whether it should have a lot of charges or just a few. The wide selection means that you can always find something for your needs.

Since Xtorm are experts in the powerbank for the iPhone market, there are also all the different options for powerbanks on this page. They have some pretty good Qi wireless powerbank for iPhone for example which is worth trying out.

The great variety also means that their products are available in many price ranges depending on what it is you are looking for. However, it must be said that they are closer to being in premium price range than discount price range as they appreciate very high quality.