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HDMI cable with logo - 100 pcs.

vare nr.: #00-custom

New HDMI cable with logo - 100 pcs.

HDMI cable with logo - 100 pcs.

vare nr.: #00-custom


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    For those seeking the extra touch that makes their brand stand out, HDMI cables with logos are the perfect solution. With the option to customize both color and model, this product is ideal for those who want to highlight their brand identity.iaai More Info ↓

    1-2 Days of delivery
    300 days right of return
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    HDMI Cable with Logo: Personalized Solution for Your Needs

    Product Description

    With a length of 1 meter, it fits most applications. This HDMI cable features high-quality connectors, ensuring a stable and reliable connection. The cable can be customized with your own logo, making it a fantastic option for corporate branding.

    Color and Model Customization

    A major advantage of this product is the ability to choose different colors and models. Whether you prefer a classic black cable or a more eye-catching color, it can be tailored to your needs. Additionally, you can select various models depending on your technical requirements and aesthetic preferences.


    • Businesses and Trade Shows: Perfect as part of your trade show booth. Hand out cables with your logo printed on them, so potential customers remember you.
    • Employee Gifts: A practical and stylish gift for employees. HDMI cables are always useful, and with your logo on them, your employees will feel appreciated.
    • Partners: Give your partners a practical gift that reminds them of your collaboration every time they use the cable.

    Quality Assurance

    These HDMI cables are designed to last and deliver stable performance. With solid construction and quality materials, you can be confident that the cable will withstand daily use without issues. Over a three-week production period, each cable is ensured to meet high standards.

    Order Now

    The price for 100 HDMI cables with your logo is 2,320.00 DKK excluding VAT. This makes it an affordable solution for companies looking to invest in their branding without spending a fortune. The ordering process is simple, and with just a three-week production time, you can quickly have your cables ready for use.

    Practical Considerations

    • Customization Options: Make sure to take advantage of the option to customize color and model. Choose a color that matches your company's branding and a model that meets your technical needs.
    • Planning: With a production period of three weeks, it is important to plan ahead, especially if you have a specific deadline.

    Benefits of Branding with Customized HDMI Cables

    Having your logo on a product that is used regularly, such as an HDMI cable, offers many benefits:

    • Brand Exposure: Customers and partners will be reminded of your brand every time they use the cable.
    • Professional Appearance: A personalized cable can give your equipment a more professional and cohesive look.

    How to Get Your Own HDMI Cable with Logo

    Ordering Process

    Ordering your customized HDMI cables is simple:

    1. Place the order for the cable or write to us.
    2. Send your logo and desired design to [email protected].
    3. Wait for the three-week production time, after which your cables will be delivered.

    Data Sheet

    • Fire:

      Kina OEM

    • Sku:


    • Return:

      300 days right of return

    • Product warranty:

      Normal Danish manufacturer's warranty with 2 year warranty

    • Technique:

      HDMI 2.0. Up to 4k at 60Hz or 1440p at 240Hz(4:2:0) and a lot below.

    • He gate:

      HDMI port

    • Sound:

      Supports audio

    • Video:

      Up to 4k(UHD) and up to 200 Hz. UHD(3840×2160) and 4k(4096x2160), as well as anything less, 1920x1200, 1920x1080,1366x720, 1440x900 and many more supported.

    • FCC certificate:


    • CE certificate:


    • WEEE certificate:


    • Possibility of pick-up in copenhagen:

      Yes - can be ordered online for pickup.

    • Længder:

      1 meter



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