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5W charging connector for iPhone Goobay

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    Standard Apple USB charger that fits in a power connector. It's almost identical to what comes with your iPhone, iPod & iPad.

    The charger gives 5W, it's 5V at 1A. 

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    This charger has been replaced in May 2019, we have moved on to a new design and have found a somewhat better factory to make them, they are somewhat more expensive and more cumbersome to make but we have not put the price up on them, we are super happy with them and think they are among the best chargers we have, despite the price. 

    This charger is almost the same size as the Apple original, making it easy to carry wherever you are. The USB charger works well as both a replacement and an extra USB charger, so you always have an extra one in case your last one breaks. 

    The USB charger works with all Apple devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad Mini) and also with most other phones and tablets, as long as you have a USB cable that fits that device's input. 

    This charger is really delicious and safe, the manufacturer complies with all rules for both eu and even surpasses them, under the point Download you can find all safety tests if you are interested in seeing them yourself.

    the iPhone USB charger provides 5W (wattage), 5V (volts) and 1A (amps). 

    As a standard, this charger does not include any cable, but you can buy one on this page. This USB charger works with iPhone cables from Apple or from elsewhere, both the old 30pin (iPhone 4S and earlier) and the new 8pin (Lightning cable, iPhone 5 onwards). Both types of cables can be purchased here on the page. Follow the link here for our own MFi Lightning cables.

    Apple calls this charger e.g. A1400, A1300, A1205, A1265. Save money by choosing an iPhone 4 or 5 cable from the side. This iPhone charger connector has the same white color as the one usually included when purchasing an Apple product. It's especially nice to have one or more extra charger connectors at home, in your bag, or around friends if you or someone else needs to charge your iPhone when you're away from home. The connector is a standard USB connector that can be connected to the regular power supply in all EU countries.

    USB charger kyou also have a cable for this device. This could be, for example, a speaker or a digital camera - there are endless possibilities! It is just important to remember that the device can use a maximum of 5W of power, as this is the charger connector can pull. If you want a charger connector for your iPad, see the 'iPad charger' on this page.

    We have a 12W with the same design and size, it can charge your iPad or iPhone and even charge your iPhone at 2x speed.



    iPhone 1

    iPhone 3G

    iPhone 3Gs

    iPhone 4

    iPhone 4s

    iPhone 5

    iPhone 5s

    iPhone 5c

    iPhone 6

    iPhone 6 Plus

    iPhone 6s

    iPhone 6s Plus

    iPhone 7

    iPhone 7 Plus

    iPhone SE

    iPhone 8

    iPhone 8 Plus

    iPhone X / 10

    iPhone Xr

    iPhone Xs

    iPhone Xs Max

    iPhone 11 Pro

    iPhone 11

    iPhone 11 Pro Max

    iPhone SE 2020

    iPhone 12 mini 5,4"

    iPhone 12 6,1"

    iPhone 12 Pro 6,1"

    iPhone 12 Pro Max 6,7"

    iPhone 13 mini 5,4"

    iPhone SE 2022

    iPhone 13 6,1"

    iPhone 13 Pro 6,1"

    iPhone 13 Pro Max 6,7"

    iPhone 14 Plus 6,7"

    iPhone 14 Pro Max 6,7"

    iPhone 14" 6,1"

    iPhone 14 Pro 6,1"


    iPad 1

    iPad 2

    iPad 3 Retina

    iPad 4 Retina

    iPad mini 6

    iPad mini 5

    iPad mini 1

    iPad mini 2

    iPad mini 3

    iPad mini 4

    iPad Air

    iPad Air 2

    iPad 5 & 6 (2017+18)

    iPad Pro 9,7" (2016)

    iPad Pro 10,5" (2017)

    iPad Pro 12,9" (15-17)

    iPad Pro 11" 2018

    iPad Pro 12,9" 2018

    iPad Air 10,5" 2019

    iPad 7 / 8 / 9 med 10,2" (2019-)

    iPad Pro 11" 2020

    iPad Pro 12,9" 2020

    iPad 10. gen 10,9" 2022

    iPad Pro M2 11" 2022

    iPad Pro M2 12,9" 2022

    iPad Air 5 10,9" 2022

    iPad Air 4 10,9" 2020

    Apple Watch

    Apple watch Utra

    Apple watch series 8

    Apple watch series 7

    Apple watch SE

    Apple watch series 6

    Apple watch series 5

    Apple watch series 4

    Apple watch series 3

    Apple watch series 2

    Apple watch series 1


    Android med Micro USB

    Android med USB type C

    Data Sheet

    • Fire:


    • Sku:


    • EAN number:


    • Return:

      300 days right of return

    • Model No.:


    • Model:

      USB charger 1 A (5W) white

    • Equipment:


    • Charging power:

      5 Watts (5V at 1A)

    • Weight:

      24.5 g

    • Product warranty:

      Normal Danish manufacturer's warranty with 2 year warranty

    • Technique:

      5w output

    • He gate:

      Usually EU power plugs.

    • She gate:

      USB 2.0 connector

    • Compatibility:

      5W, charges all mobile phones as a charger with 5W, all iPhones eg, and a single iPad mini as well as all iPods.

    • Certificates:

      Haus, Quader, Inddor use

    • CE certificate:


    • WEEE certificate:



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